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In the early years of the club, the Caines Cup was awarded to the winner of an all-play-all club championship competition run throughout the season. There was also a separate 5 round Swiss tournament (usually 1 game per month) which players also competed for with the winner receiving the Cheeseman Trophy. 

In more recent times, when the Swiss tournament was discontinued, this was changed so that the winner of the all-play-all Club Championship  received the Cheeseman Trophy with the runner up being awarded the Caines Cup.

In 2018, the club championship was split into two sections: an Open section for all members and a Major section for players rated under 150.

The winner of the Open section receives the Cheeseman Trophy and the winner of the Major section receives the Caines Cup.


1991 Paul Rogers
1992 Les Porter & Paul Rogers
1993 Jim O'Grady & Paul Rogers
1994 Paul Rogers
1995 Dave Edwards
1996 P. Rogers, R. Ryan, G. Snell
1997 Geoff Snell
1998 Paul Rogers
1999 Geoff Snell
2000 R. Ryan
2001 Paul Rogers
2002 Jon Underwood
2003 R. Ryan
2004 Hazel Welch
2005 Geoff Snell
2006 Steve Dean
2007 Steve Dean
2008 Steve Dean
2009 Steve Dean
2010 Steve Dean
2011 Lloyd Baal
2012 Les Porter
2013 Hazel Welch
2014 Hazel Welch
2015 Alan Dowse
2016 Steve Dean
2017 Steve Dean
2018 Hazel Welch
2019 Hazel Welch
2020 Hazel Welch
2022 Gill Morgan
2023 Trevor Taylor