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When you join the club, Seaton Chess Club will hold some data about you to help in the running and operation of the club. 

The information about you that we will collect and hold is:

  • your name, address and phone number
  • your email address
  • your chess games, scores and results

This information is collected when you join the club and is updated from time to time when you inform us of changes and as a result of the games you play in the club.

We use this information to get in touch with you with regard club matters and in dealing with the English Chess Federation (ECF) to submit your games for rating.

The website may also, from time to time, publish articles and images about activities you have been involved in such as chess tournaments and competitions.

An email distribution list is also maintained on the website for the purposes of sharing information relating to the club such as club news, fixtures and events. Emails sent to this distribution list are always sent without revealing the email address of other individuals on the list.

We do not share personal data with any other organisations apart from the ECF who require you game results in order to grade you games.

If you have any queries about this  policy or would prefer to opt out of the email distribution list then contact the Club Secretary.