Open Section - for the Cheesman Cup 

Open Fixtures and Results

ajor Section - for the Caines Cup 

Major Fixtures and Results


Playing Arrangments

Time control: 60 mins + 15 second increment for all moves. This will allow a game to fit into a club evening as normal. This will necessitate the use of a digital clock. (If one is not available or if otherwise agreed, then the time control of 60 mins for 30 moves + 15 min can be used instead).

The Open will be an all-play-all with each player playing each other twice once as white and once as black (4 games each in total)

The Major will be an all-play-all in with each player playing each other once only. Players will toss for colours on the night. (5 games each in total)

Points will be awarded as normal:

1 point for a win, 0.5 point for a draw and 0 for a loss.

The player with the most points will win their section and the trophy.

There will be a cut-off date when all games will need to be played. This is likely to be a week or two before the end of season to allow time for play-offs if necessary. An exact date will be agreed and announced nearer the time. Any unplayed fixtures will be deemed a loss for both players.

Ties will be decided as follows:

  1. If player A and B are tied and A scored more points against B when they were paired then A would win;
  2. If player A and B scored equal points when they played then there will be a play-off. In the Open, players will toss for colours but in the Major, the colours will be reversed from when the players met in the league fixture.
  3. If the play-off is a tie then the tie will be decided by playing 2 rapidplay games (25 mins + 10 second increment) reversing colours between games.
  4. If the result is still tied after that then the players will be play at least 3 blitz games (5 mins + 5 second increment). If tied after the 3rd game play will continue and the next player to secure a victory will win the tie.