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Mobile Phones

The presence of mobile phones in playing areas is becoming more and more restrictive with guidance being provided by FIDE and the ECF. 

The club's policy for matches is as follows:

  • Mobile Phones are permitted in the playing area but must be switched off and not kept on the individual person. For example, they can be on the table in front of the player or in a bag that is kept in the playing area at all times
  • If, for whatever the reason, the phone rings during a game then the player will be asked to switch off the phone. If the phone rings again, then the game will be automatically forfeited.
  • If a player needs to have the phone on (for example, in order to take an emergency call) then the player should make the team captains aware of this before the match so that specific procedures can be agreed.

This is the club's default policy for mobile phones but any other arrangement can of course be agreed by the visiting team captain on a case by case basis.